Conquer Forex Market – Studying Reports

Direction + Daily Range

The following signals formed last week:

  • EURUSD – the entry was made at the touch of the resistance chart on October 3. There were 2 deals of equal volume, and both were closed with a profit at the end of the same day. Profit for them was 78 and 116 points, deals were closed when the support levels of the Daily Range were touched;
  • GBPUSD – the signal received is the same as for EURUSD, but it worked out somewhat differently. If for EURUSD the chart immediately went in the right direction, then for the British, the deal went to minus 40 points. It was important to set a stop behind the next resistance level according to the Daily Range indicator. As a result, the SL has resisted, and the profit with partial profit fixation was 86 and 126 points;
  • for USDJPY has worked out the support level, to which the chart approached on October 2. Here, too, the movement in a profitable direction did not take place immediately, but the stop-loss set for the next support level of the Daily Range did not catch on. As a result, the bullish signal worked out, and the profit was 16 and 46 points. Profit is fixed the next day after entering the market.

DayTrade + Monday Break

DayTrade + Monday Break

On the next account, these Expert Advisors work in combination and perform well. Although there is no high-intensity trading, the deposit is growing steadily.

DayTrade is the implementation of one of the Sniper entry points. If you have studied this TS, then remember that, among other things, it provides for transactions at the exit from the consolidation zone. Trading is rare, but accurate, the win rate only occasionally drops below 80%.

As for the Monday Break robot, its name speaks for itself. At the beginning of the week, the robot builds levels (they are not displayed on the chart) and then works to break them out by the chart. The approach is simple, but it bears fruit.



In terms of reliability, this robot is one of our best designs. It is also distinguished by the fact that it dispenses with an abundance of complex indicators, the logic of work is described in one phrase – transactions are made with the expectation of closing the gap.

Gridging and averaging are used, but these approaches are implemented in a mild form and do not create excessive pressure on the deposit. The proof of the viability of this approach is given below.

All of 7 deals are closed with profit. It is small, but it is compensated by the frequency of trading and a high proportion of profitable trades.

Perhaps some of you are waiting for an increase in your deposit several times a month or a week. But if the stake is on stability, then you have to sacrifice part of the profit. We have to find a balance between trading efficiency and risks. But even if you bet on the most conservative trading with our advisors, you can still make good money.