How much can you earn in 3 days by Sniper?

The secret of Sniper’s success lies in how market analysis is performed. We highlight the zones in which the big players were fighting and wait for the schedule’s repeated reaction to them. As practice shows, in most cases this reaction occurs, and we get an entry point in the form of a rebound from the level or its breakdown.

The advantage of this approach is that the work is done with narrow stops. If on H4 SL may well exceed 50-70 points at 4-digit quotes, then on M5-M15 a stop even at 20-30 points is considered large.

Entry points formed on Tuesday

On this day, we received 2 signals in a row for GBPUSD. One of them turned out to be unprofitable, the losses on it amounted to 20 points, but the second made it possible to immediately compensate for the losses:

  • At first, the events developed in a standard way – after entering the LUD, a reversal pattern appeared, and when the chart was fixed under it, a sell deal could be opened. But then a reversal took place, and as a result, the chart touched SL;
  • literally in 10-15 minutes we got the opportunity to re-enter the market. And this signal worked properly – a profit of 42 points was obtained with a risk of 11 points. When rebooting, the ratio is usually even more favorable.

There are no strategies in which there are no triggered stops in nature. Much more important is that in Sniper SL, if triggered, it is very rare, and in most cases, the trader immediately gets the opportunity to re-enter a deal in the same direction, compensating for the losses.

Trade on Wednesday

Trade on Wednesday

In the middle of the week, the EURUSD currency pair performed well. The forecast spoke of a rebound from the local imbalance level, but the dollar strengthened during the day and, as a result, a breakdown of support took place.

The opportunity for trading appeared after fixing under this LUD, the entry on the PPD signal with a stop of 19 points brought:

  • 35 points for the first profit taking;
  • 63 points – when the balance is closed closer to the end of the day.

If we bring the result to a standard working lot, then the profit was 48 points, which is more than 2 times higher than the stop loss.

Results of Thursday

Yesterday was the most “fruitful” day, we received a signal for EURUSD + 2 entry points for soybeans and natural gas.

More on signals:

  • EURUSD – we got a classic base entry point, it can be seen well on M5. There was a reversal pattern, then a fixation took place above it, and as a result, with an SL of 11 pips, the profit was 33 pips, provided that it reached the recommended target level. Then a further downward movement took place with the breakout of the LUD, but by this time the buy deal had already been closed;
  • NG – on natural gas, the signal was also received after the formation of the base entry point. On it, the stop was 30 points, and the profit as a result – 94 points. Of the shortcomings of this signal, I will only note the time of its formation; not all traders are ready to wait for an opportunity to trade at night. The rest of the BTV is close to ideal – it exactly corresponded to the forecast, the ratio of SL to TR was 1 to 3;
  • Soybean – this instrument could be traded after the breakdown of support and the inability of the chart to return to the area above it. The very nature of the movement indicated that a respite was simply taken before a further decline. Selling on this signal brought a profit of 1308 points, and the stop was equal to 346 points. The ratio is favorable and the signal had to be taken into work.


Compared to last week, there were no really difficult signals in the previous 3 days. The market was limited to the basic entry points and PPD, so all the listed signals had to be taken into operation. You could have skipped them only through inattention or because of the time of their formation.

As for the profit, the minimum of 100 points for the period from Tuesday to Thursday should be taken. I will not give a profit in money, since you all work with different lots and the pip price is not the same.

I am sure that most of you do not rely on analytics alone and work independently on other currency pairs and other assets. We ask such traders to write in the comments about their results.

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